Information - Pricing

Lowergy is marketing very well-known Nordic model brands - all proven to be incredibly efficient and extremely quiet. Our main workhorse is the InVest, which is a big seller in the Swedish market but we have heatpumps, air/air and air/water, to fit all requirements and budgets, including i.a. Samsung and Hitachi.
Price range for air/air heat pumps is approximately £3,900 - £4,500 (excl. VAT), depending on model and size. 
Includes indoor unit, outdoor unit and standard installation.

Lowergy's own "Renewable Heat Premium" - £850 until further notice 
The Government has introduced a new scheme called the Renewable Heat Premium (RHP) which was launched on the 1st August 2011 on Air Source Heat Pumps, but not Air-to-Air Heat Pumps.

Lowergy has decided to make a temporary RHP of its own for Air-to-Air Heat Pumps bought from Lowergy! Valid from August 15, 2011, until further notice.

Always check with Lowergy office for current actual prices

Tax relief information

The Finance Act 2008 introduced a new annual investment allowance when the Chancellor restructured the capital allowance regulations. Broadly speaking, the first £50,000 of qualifying capital expenditure will receive 100% tax relief for either an incorporated and non-incorporated business, enhanced capital allowances for equipment such as the air/air heat pump are available if your business is in a position of investing over £50,000, which means that you can almost guarantee that 100% tax relief is available on the equipment that we supply. You should always check with your tax adviser for the specific regulations in place at the time of order.

VAT information 

Air/air heat pumps qualify for the lower rate of VAT for installations in your own home. You should ensure that the supply is made specifically for the air/air heat pump rather than being installed as part of a larger project, which would force the supply of the heat pump and associated installation costs to be charged at the higher rate of 20.0%.