Lowergy offers a Scandinavian insulating secondary glazing - exclusive from Lowergy and unique in the UK market

Don't replace your windows!
Keep your old windows instead.

Install secondary glazing and reduce your energy costs and noise levels at the same time. Perfect for all sizes of commercial and domestic properties.

Lowergy offers a unique solution for your problem windows. The secondary glazing can be installed in private properties as well as for commercial clients. We can offer customized solutions for all property owners.

Making your windows energy efficient will create a new indoor climate in your house. The secondary glazing protects you from noise and takes away cold draughts. Our secondary glazing has a U-factor of between 1,0 and 1,3° C W/m2, which meets today's high energy efficiency demands.

Reduction in Energy Loss
An easy way to keep the heat inside and reduce your energy costs is to install secondary glazing to your existing windows. The secondary glazing makes old windows modern and energy efficient. Most people don´t realise that their windows let out a large amount of heat straight through the glass. Energy losses through conventional glass are reduced by 60 %.

The secondary glazing save you between 15 and 25 % on your energy bill. You also make savings on materials and other resources. The low investment cost gives you a quick payback time.

Forget the hassle of replacing your windows. Installing our unique secondary glazing causes the minimum of disturbance. The only preparation necessary is to take down the curtains and clear the windowsill. The installation is done on site and takes only about 30 minutes for each window.


  • 60% less energy loss than conventional glass
  • Reduction in energy bill of 15 - 25%
  • Significant noise reduction (at least 50%)
  • Cost of installation is approx. 50% lower, than traditional window replacement
  • Low investment means quick payback time, less than approx. 3-4 years
  • U-value improvements from 5,3 to 2,4 (single glass) and from 2,6 to 1,2 (double glazing)
  • Long term warranty in the event of condensation and dust between the panes of glass
  • Ease of installation with no mess - approximately 30 minutes per window, a whole house completed in less than 6 hours
  • Reduction in the waste of resources by keeping old windows
  • Furthermore, an option of renewing old window-frames with our unique aluminium system. Makes all windows look like new. Antique or modern, coloured or white