Installation Case Studies

Case Study: Twechar Healthy Living and Enterprise Centre

“Lowergy were informative and gave their support throughout the whole process. We are all really impressed with how well the Air-to-Air Heat Pumps heat our huge sports hall...and much cheaper too!”
Twechar Healthy Living and Enterprise Centre


Case Study: Iona Village hall

“We were pleased with the communication and support from Lowergy, and the installation itself was quick and straight-forward.  A recent community questionnaire found that the new heating was amongst one of the best features of the hall!”
Iona Village Hall Committee


Case Study: Andrew and Diana Oldacre, Wild Cottage, Isle of Mull

Thank you Lowergy for solving our heating problems. The night store heaters that were installed when our house was built in 2001 were proving to be very uneconomical to run and the system was so inflexible that we were never able to heat the house to the right temperature at the right time. We were unable to guarantee the comfort of our Bed and Breakfast guests, not to mention ourselves! Fortunately, we came across Lowergy and air to air heat pumps at the Mull Renewables Fair. We came up with lots of questions after the Fair; technical queries, whether our house would be suitable for the installation of an air to air heat pump, what size of pump we would require, where best to site the units and so on. We couldn't fault the helpful way that Lowergy and their installers dealt with all our queries. In spite of this, we still weren't sure what to expect in terms of how much of our 4 bedroomed house would be heated or whether the noise would bother us. However, now that we are the proud owners of a Mitsubishi FD25 air to air heat pump, we can honestly say that it has out-performed all of our expectations.

We were amazed that the installation of a heating system, that has proved to warm our entire house, could be so trouble-free. The installers were helpful and efficient and in less than five hours our heat pump was up and running and we weren't even left with any mess. We have sited the indoor unit in the stairwell at the first floor level where our living room and master bedroom are. By angling the flap downwards, the warmth reaches all corners of the house, although the more distant rooms are slightly cooler. We tend to turn the temperature and fan speed down at night, and then up again before we shower and go downstairs for breakfast. When we're sitting in the living room in the evening it's warm enough to turn the temperature and fan speed down. This works for us but the system is so easily adjusted that we can quickly alter the output on particularly sunny or particularly cold days. There are even signs that the circulation of air throughout the house is helping the problem that we have of condensation and mould in the upstairs bathroom, but it's still too early to be sure. As far as noise is concerned, we don't find the noise of the fan at all intrusive and can't even hear it in the room next door. Best of all, we have now turned off all our storage heaters.

Thank you Lowergy for the service, we will be recommending you to others.


Case Study: Home Group Ltd (Housing Association), Newcastle Upon Tyne

I confirm that the Lowergy / Panasonic Air / Air Heat Pumps were successfully installed into our conversion project at James Street , Newcastle Upon Tyne.
The service provided by Lowergy throughout the project and at handover was first class and the easy user guides for the residents are detailed and self explanatory.
The product itself is currently being used by the residents as both a primary and secondary source of heat. This flexibility is allowing residents to manage their heating costs in a much more economical way.
As a company Home Group would have no hesitation in using this project again.


Tony Osborne
Project Manager NE


Case Study: Glenys Callaghan, Middleton in Teesdale

I am very happy with the performance of my heat pump and the standard of service that I received from Lowergy. I now have a warm house and lower electricity bills.
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