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Lowergy offers the highest quality of aluminium foil insulation, exclusive and unique in the UK market - Lowergy being the sole distributor in UK

Lowergy is the sole agent in the UK for this unique product, a 4mm thick 100% aluminium foil which is equivalent to 100-150mm glass wool insulation, if applied with an air gap. The benefits of ThermoReflekt Insulation are:

  • Reduction of energy loss by approximately 30%
  • Costs less than 60% of similar products
  • Ease of installation on ceilings, walls and floors, simply rolled out and fixed with a staple gun
  • ThermoReflekt does not absorb dampness. Glass wool can absorb damp, thereby reducing the insulation efficiency by approximately 30%

THERMOREFLEKT POLYNUMTM was successfully introduced to the construction market 21 years ago. THERMOREFLEKT POLYNUMTM insulation is now recognized as a leading brand, which is distributed and installed in more than 30 countries worldwide. As a dynamic enterprise with a professional R & D team, the Company constantly invests and develops new products, some of which are copy right protected and have world wide patents.

THERMOREFLEKT POLYNUMTM product range varies from Metalized Polyester to Pure Aluminium foil, with or without bubbles. All our products are manufactured under ISO 9001 and HACCP rules and comply with most international construction codes requirements with proper laboratory reports and certificates.

The ThermoReflekt Polynum is a FIBER FREE PRODUCT constructed of pure aluminium foil attached to polyethylene bubble sheeting. Its unique design blocks 97% of the radiated heat, which would otherwise be lost from the building.

ThermoReflekt Polynum Thermal Reflective Insulation is used in conjunction with tile or metal roofs, brick or plaster walls, under floors, above ceilings; in residential houses, in new housing or home improvements, renovations or retrofit projects, public schools, community centres, sports arenas, malls, mega stores, warehousing and factories.

ThermoReflekt Polynum Thermal Reflective Insulation system is lightweight, non-toxic and safe to use in all circumstances. ThermoReflekt PolynumTM system insulation is maintenance free and easy to install. It does not require wire mesh, or additives. ThermoReflekt PolynumTM system delivers high R-value (comparing with > 100mm of rock wool, or, fibre glass). ThermoReflekt PolynumTM is a lifetime product with 10 to 15 yrs manufacturer's warranty. ThermoReflekt PolynumTM system is condensation free, bacteria free, fungi free and corrosion free!

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