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Why an Air to Air Heat Pump?

As you may have read in the news, the supply of gas is unsecure and the prices for gas and oil are increasing on a long term basis.

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Subsequently, people are returning to the idea of electric heating once more.
It used to be true that electric heating, though clean and convenient, was not particularly economical. This was because we were limited to using radiant or night storage heaters - then came the heat pump - making electric heating efficient, affordable and even more convenient!
What's more, Air to Air ("air source") heat pumps have been recognised by the EU as a renewable energy technology

Conventional electric heaters simply turn electrical energy into heat - 1Kilowatt in = 1 Kilowatt out, but a heat pump uses electrical power to extract heat from the outside air. An air to air heat pump, with a COP (coefficient of performance) of up to 5.40, will give out 5.4KW of heat for every 1KW of power consumed by the unit. This means a heat pump uses a FIFTH of the power used by a comparable radiant or storage heater (in optimum conditions). Active ImageEven down to a temperature of minus 15C,  they can still extract useful energy from the outside air (as those of us who live in Sweden can testify). And reduced power consumption means lower carbon emissions, especially as the UK moves away from using hydrocarbons for electrical power generation.
Another bonus is that the filtration system, in the heat pump, constantly filters the air meaning improved air quality for you, your family, your tenants or your staff and customers.
And, if we are lucky enough to get some hot weather, the unit can convert to an air conditioner (cooling) at the flick of a switch on your remote control! 

  • Outstanding efficiency (1 kWh used - 5,4-7,7 kWh input)

  • Saving approximately 30-60% of normal heating usage and cost

  • Recognised by the EU as a renewable energy source

  • Built-in air conditioner

  • Improves indoor air quality

  • Can be added to any existing heating source

  • Extremely quiet

  • Inexpensive - short pay-back timeframe (2½-4 years)