Lowergy - Heat Pump Product Info

Samsung EHS

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Air/air heat pump InVest MSC-24/QD FP – Nordic model

Sharp Inverter Air-Air Energy Class A - 8.2 kW with maintenance heat 8 ° C! 

 Air/air heat pump InVest MSV-12 Black – Nordic model 


Replaceable panels in a nice glossy design.  Inverter – 4.6 kW heating capacity.

What colour are you? The heat pump that adapts to your home by replaceable panels.         


Energy Efficiency

A European Community directive requiring energy labelling of domestic appliances came into effect in 2005. Since then, all manufacturers have been required to label each product with an efficiency level represented by a letter from A to G. This means that a class B domestic appliance consumes approximately 10% more than an A, a C 20% more than an A, etc.

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KRV Type Inverter wall mounted unit

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