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Air source heat pumps gain EU approval

THE European parliament has expanded the definition of renewable energy sources to include aerothermal and hydrothermal energy - effectively recognising air source and water source heat pumps for the first time.

The parliament has adopted the EU directive on the Promotion of Renewable Energy Sources with the final text recognising these sources, which will now be promoted as part of the new EU policy to get member states to increase their share of renewable energies.
The December 17 announcement is the result of negotiations that have been taking place since the summer to get the EU directive amended. The UK's Heat Pump Association was key in supplying much of the heat pump information to Brussels.
Cedric Sloan, director general at FETA (the Federation of Environmental Trade Associations) said: "It took a lot of explaining to Brussels, that air source and water source, not just ground source heat pumps, were renewable sources of energy. We're very pleased. Sometimes we thought we were the lone voice of common sense". 
Frans Hoorelbeke, chairman of EPEE, (European Partnership for Energy and the Environment) said: “The potential of aerothermal and hydrothermal energy sources is enormous and can greatly contribute to member states’ success in reaching their renewable energy targets of 20% by 2020.”

(From ACR-News.com)