System Comparison

Comparison with other energy-efficient alternatives

Based on normal circumstances and conditions, there is a choice for heating your property between these major alternatives (approximately calculated):

Lowergy air-to-air Heat Pumps - Nordic models

A total package, including installation and aftercare, saving up to 60%.

The Lowergy Heat Pump uses air-source heat pump technology. A heat pump is a device that extracts air heat from one place and transfers it to another. The installation does not take more than up to a day and is non-intrusive. The investment for a total package is currently £3,000-£3,700  including the installation (excluding VAT). Always check actual price with Lowergy.
Your annual savings with the Lowergy/ Panasonic Heat Pump will be around £600-£800 depending on your insulation and other electricity usage, a payback in 3-4 years time will be experienced calculated on the figures above.

Air-to-water heat pumps

As the Lowergy Heat Pump the Air-to-water heat pumps uses the energy available in theair outdoors to heat up water for space heating indoors. Expect to pay £4,000-£7,000 for the total unit. You may also want under-floor heating (another £2,500-£3,000). This installation will give you annual saving depending on your existing insulation and out of experience this payback will most likely be around 6 years.

Ground source heat pumps

A ground source heat pump is a heating system that uses the earth's ability to store heat in the ground. With these you need to dig down at least 150 feet of pipes in your garden or ground, the installation often costs around £15,000-£20,000. As with air-to-water systems you will also need under-floor heating. With this solution you will most likely experience good annual savings but because of the high installation cost the payback can end up being a much longer time than any other alternatives.

Water-based solar heating

Water-based solar heating uses the suns energy to heat up water for space heating in your home. The installation involves 350-700 sqft of panels on your roof top, in order to connect them to your water base system. This installation will give you a 100% renewable environmental solution. However, the payback time is difficult to calculate, based on the dependence of the weather and the installation cost which can vary based on the installation base. Therefore the savings will vary noticeable but most likely similar with the ground source heat pump.